The entanglement series explores the brutal forces of the human will and the possibility of surfacing the repressed desires within all of us. 

The advancement of human civilization has a direct impact on human interaction and behavior. The rule of law was established and upheld to govern society and maintain order. Social conduct became a necessity to survive in a society. The peaceful coexistence of mankind required the control and suppression of sexual drive and destructive forces. This series of paintings illustrate and represent these deep-rooted desires in the form of entangled organic figures. It is also intended to use these figures as a device to draw out all the suppressed forces within the audience.

The contorted and entangled figures represent the physical manifestation of the primitive forces within mankind. The form and movement of the figures signifies the desire and struggle of the forces to be set free from suppression and containment. The paintings attempt to capture this primitive drive and to depict the struggle it is undergoing.

The entangled organic forms appear like creatures from another world. This creates a visually disturbing image that induces a visceral fear and angst within the viewer. The closely-knit forms also resemble human body parts overlapping each other creating a sexually charged atmosphere. The imagery evokes a tactile sensation, which adds an extra dimension and impact to the viewing experience. This is intended to elicit an emotional response from the audience, specifically, a desire to be disentangled and released from a suppressive state of being.

The angst derived from looking at the painting draws out the sexual and violent forces suppressed within us. This interaction dissolves the boundary between the painting and the audience, who inadvertently becomes synchronized with the nameless entangled figures. In the end, the nameless figures become the will of the audience. 



‘Entanglement series' 는 억압된 인간의 충동과 욕망을 유기체적인 형태를 통해 표출하고 있다. 뒤틀어고 왜곡된 형태의 움직임은 현대인으로서 억제하고 있는 본능적인 욕망에서 벗어나고 싶은 인간의 모습을 보여준다.

유기체적인 형상은 남성과 여성의 몸을 의미하기도 하며, 형태의 움직임을 통해 생명성 담아내고 있다. 유기체적인 형상이 겹쳐지는 부분에서는 마치 신체의 일부가 다른 신체와 접촉했을 때 느껴지는 촉감을 상상하기를 유도했다. 이는 이미지인 관점을 넘어서 또 다른 관점에서 작품을 바라보게 하기 위함이다. 또 얽히설키 꼬인 형상을 풀고 싶은 심리적인 충동을 느끼게 함으로써 인간의 본능을 자연스레 시사하고 있다.