I feel art should be experienced. I try to avoid talking about art, as too much analysis and explanation distorts the experience of looking at art. One should leave behind judgment and knowledge and simple experience art is it is.

It is necessary to be a romanticist to create art.
I love dancing, acting and making art. I cant say that I am good at all of them. But I can say I am truthful to them.
Dancing, acting and making art invigorates me.

I experience joy, frustration, anger, contempt and many other emotions while creating artwork. It is a reciprocal relationship; there is a constant dialogue and exchange between the artwork and myself. We change together. I don't feel like a creator, I feel like a partner with art.

We live in a world dominated by logic; we always need justification and approval for anything we do. Which is why i find it essential to make things without reason, as art represents freedom, and it allows you to express yourself without the need to explain to others. Reason and logic are the biggest inhibitors of creating art with life.

At the moment I think the most important thing for me is being more honest with myself. Trying to cultivate a more honest and enduring relationship with the work.

Very much like acting. Once you are trying to fake it, it falls apart. You have to be completely honest with that character, and immerse yourself and leaving your insecurities and emotional baggage behind. I believe it is the same with dance and painting.

Past few years I've been interested in visualizing the immaterial and the intangible. Such as energy, motions, spirit, wind and music. Catching the moment to visualize and make the audience imagine or make them feel something instead of reading it. This is my biggest reason to break down the shapes.

My journey is to reach closer to freedom and truth. And I plan to get there by cultivating the partnership between my artwork and myself.